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John Rae-Grant (JRG)


John started his love of harmony singing in his high school rock band, singing the middle falsetto part to Bee Gees tunes while playing rhythm guitar.

While attending Yale University, John focused on a cappella singing with the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus and the Whiffenpoofs.

Upon graduation, John found himself drawn to barbershop and remains involved to this day, having sung with Evergreen District champ quartet Studio One, and International top twenty quartet Finale. He currently sings with Fog City Singers and a newly formed quartet within that chorus.

Starting in 2009, John added contemporary a cappella to his singing pursuits, singing with The Eclectic Company, Amaranth, and the 2014 Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes champs Prime Time (with Miya!).

John dabbles in campfire guitar playing, while lamenting that so few popular songs are pitched for basses.

When not singing, John is a tech guy, having worked at Microsoft, Google and many start-ups.

He is happily married and his singing habit is supported by his wife and two grown up children.

John Rae-Grant (JRG)
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