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Beyond Zebra Shows

Upcoming and Recent Performances

San Mateo County Fair

June 9, 2024 5PM - 1346 Saratoga Dr, San Mateo

We're getting revved up for the San Mateo County Fair! Come and join us at the Community Stage from 5:00-5:45pm on Sunday June 9th. . We'll be performing some tried and true material, as well as one brand new Jon Pilat arrangement we'd love to share with you.

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Bay Area Regional Harmony Sweepstakes

April 27, 2024 8PM - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

We are excited to be part of this awesome evening of a cappella, joining longtime friends Side Note and Halfway to Midnight and several other top notch local groups!

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Fog City Harmonia - Gal-A

December 2nd, 2023 7 pm - Groundfloor, San Francisco

We are delighted to be guests on the Fog City Harmonia show, where we will be featuring music from femme and underrepresented voices, and showing a little holiday spirit!


Fog City Singers - Celestial Ties

November 16th, 8 pm - St Mark's Lutheran, San Francisco

All of the men in Beyond Zebra have sung in the Fog City Singers, with Davy and JRG currently active.  This excellent men's chorus, newly under the direction of Kory Reid, is really spectacular.

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