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The Singers in Beyond Zebra

Get to know "the band"

We are a combination of many things in Beyond Zebra.  We bring experience from choirs, college groups, rock bands, musical theater, contemporary a cappella, violin, piano, guitar, and barbershop.  Just to name drop - Fog City Singers, Hookslide, Redshift, Fleet Street, Harmonics, Whiffenpoofs, Studio One and Prime Time.   Check out our bios to find out about each of us.


Fiona McRea

Meet Fiona McCrea, the soprano from Beyond Zebra! Growing up in a family of singers and musicians, Fiona's first taste of the stage was at four, singing during her parents' clogging recital, and she was hooked from that moment. She rocked the musical theater scene throughout childhood and high school, where she even met her husband under the stage lights. College brought a change of tune, and Fiona dove into a cappella with the Stanford Harmonics. Fast forward, and her Harmonics connections landed her a spot in the awesome Beyond Zebra crew, making every note a joy. When she's not belting out harmonies, Fiona's a software engineer by day, battling a knitting addiction on the side. She can also be caught unwinding with "Top Chef" binges alongside her husband and daughter.

Mezzo / Alto

Zareen Levien

Zareen grew up playing violin and piano, but always dreamed of singing. In college, she joined the Stanford Harmonics and fell in love with a cappella. With the Stanford Harmonics, she won runner-up best soloist at the National Championship of Collegiate A Cappella western regional competition. And she has been singing ever since, veering into groups with (gasp) instruments including Simply Jazz and Canyon Birds straight-ahead jazz, The Befores original trip-hop and Los Boleros Afro-Cuban band. She has performed all over the Bay Area and recorded several albums, including her most recent children’s music album, “All the Things I Can Be” with a group of fabulous SF Bay Area artists. Zareen continues to play piano and guitar secretly while not singing a cappella. By day, she is the Director of Digital Learning for the San Francisco Unified School District.

Alto / VP / Rap

Miya Kanzaki

Miya has loved singing for as long as she can remember. When she learned she was an alto 2 voice part in choruses, she was at first disappointed she never got to sing melody, but now really appreciates all the practice singing harmony instead. She plays piano and guitar - while singing along with both - and writes songs. When she saw pop a cappella on The Sing-Off she thought, I want to do that! She’s grateful that Beyond Zebra allows her to do so. Her first year with the a cappella group Prime Time (with JRG), they won first place at the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes. She’s also in a 90s cover band and is a Creative Director specializing in audio advertising. She thanks her family for their love and support, even when she’s off doing music things.


Davy Lu

Davy started his musical journey with classical violin. Balancing traditional school and conservatories for most of his life until everything changed in college when he discovered musical theater and a cappella singing. A voice that was previously reserved for the foggiest of showers was suddenly born. Singing with the Stanford Fleet Street Singers in college, he found himself doing a few theater productions in San Francisco as well as singing with the Fog City Singers as a young adult. Davy dabbles in taking over guitar from John at campfires when John gets too drunk, playing guitar hero way too competitively, and working in a SF based healthcare startup. When he’s not singing, he’s hiking or playing golf with his wife or cleaning up after his pitiful adopted street dog, Pepper.

Vocal Percussion / Bari

Jon Pilat (JP)

Jon heard a King's Singers album when he was 16 years old and decided he wanted to sing a cappella music. He's stuck with that decision ever since. In college, Jon sang and learned how to beatbox and arrange music with the Stanford Harmonics. Since then, Jon has kept singing with Hookslide (bass & beatbox, usually at the same time) since 2000, with Beyond Zebra (baritone & beatbox, usually at different times) since 2017, and sometimes with the Fog City Singers, who let him sing 2nd tenor, but have no use for his beatboxing. Jon has arranged over 200 songs for a cappella, and has won numerous awards for his arrangements. Nominated for the 2000 Contemporary A Cappella Award (CARA) for "Best Mixed Arranger", he lost to John Legend. It's the only time he's been compared to John Legend. He's won best arrangement awards at the Harmony Sweepstakes Bay Area Regionals for "Tightrope", "The Chain", and "Don't You Forget About Me" and a Best Pop/Rock Cover Song CARA for his arrangement of "Dream On", by Aerosmith. Beyond Beyond Zebra, Jon works at Apple, bakes bread, and lives in Palo Alto with his wife (who he met singing!), sister-in-law, and 2 children. They tolerate the a cappella.


John Rae-Grant (JRG)

John started his love of harmony singing in his high school rock band, singing the middle falsetto part to Bee Gees tunes while playing rhythm guitar. While attending Yale University, John focused on a cappella singing with the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus and the Whiffenpoofs. Upon graduation, John found himself drawn to barbershop and remains involved to this day, having sung with Evergreen District champ quartet Studio One, and International top twenty quartet Finale. He currently sings with Fog City Singers and a newly formed quartet within that chorus. Starting in 2009, John added contemporary a cappella to his singing pursuits, singing with The Eclectic Company, Amaranth, and the 2014 Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes champs Prime Time (with Miya!). John dabbles in campfire guitar playing, while lamenting that so few popular songs are pitched for basses. When not singing, John is a tech guy, having worked at Microsoft, Google and many start-ups. He is happily married and his singing habit is supported by his wife and two grown up children.
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