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Fiona McRea


Meet Fiona McCrea, the soprano from Beyond Zebra! Growing up in a family of singers and musicians, Fiona's first taste of the stage was at four, singing during her parents' clogging recital, and she was hooked from that moment. She rocked the musical theater scene throughout childhood and high school, where she even met her husband under the stage lights.

College brought a change of tune, and Fiona dove into a cappella with the Stanford Harmonics. Fast forward, and her Harmonics connections landed her a spot in the awesome Beyond Zebra crew, making every note a joy.

When she's not belting out harmonies, Fiona's a software engineer by day, battling a knitting addiction on the side. She can also be caught unwinding with "Top Chef" binges alongside her husband and daughter.

Fiona McRea
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