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Miya Kanzaki

Alto / VP / Rap

Miya has loved singing for as long as she can remember. When she learned she was an alto 2 voice part in choruses, she was at first disappointed she never got to sing melody, but now really appreciates all the practice singing harmony instead. 

She plays piano and guitar - while singing along with both - and writes songs. When she saw pop a cappella on The Sing-Off she thought, I want to do that! She’s grateful that Beyond Zebra allows her to do so.

Her first year with the a cappella group Prime Time (with JRG), they won first place at the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes. She’s also in a 90s cover band and is a Creative Director specializing in audio advertising. She thanks her family for their love and support, even when she’s off doing music things.

Miya Kanzaki
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